Charles Kolnik

Charles Kolnik, Father and Child: White Vest, Straw BonnetCharles Kolnik, December FrostCharles Kolnik, Study for Two Christmas TreesCharles Kolnik, Transition from Autumn to WinterCharles Kolnik, Forms: Bodega BayCharles Kolnik - Forms: Still WaterCharles Kolnik, In the WashCharles Kolnik - Forms: Clear Day
Charles Kolnik, Baby DragonCharles Kolnik, The Angry SeaCharles Kolnik, Into the LightArtist Charles KolnikArtist Charles Konlik
Charles Kolnik, Slack TideCharles Kolnik, December Frost

Charles Kolnik has achieved an artistic maturity with roots in his lifelong admiration and study of the particular works of Rembrandt, George Inness, Albert Pinkham Ryeer, Jean-Baptiste Camille Carot, Turner and Constable.

He has been influenced as well by his general appreciation of the Barbison and Hudson River schools. He has achieved a style identifiably his own with both landscapes and still lives. Today he paints mostly in oils, but over the past two decades he has worked as well in watercolor and egg tempera. His paintings enjoy a quality and depth which evoke unfolding layers of imagery and atmosphere appreciated in any lighting. As described in a news review of a gallery twenty-five year retrospective, Kolnik’s works are “rich, evocative oil paintings that seem to unveil themselves to you as you look at them.”

Mr. Kolnik’s paintings have won awards whenever competitively exhibited. They have been sold by galleries in Boston, New York, Cape Cod and the Hamptons and were shown as part of a resident artist display at the Guggenheim in Manhattan where Charles was employed. Charles’ artistic mission is to express, or as he insists, “try” to express the natural world as he sees it in nature which, he recognizes, is itself “perfect”.