Crista Pisano

Crista Pisano, Summer FieldCrista Pisano - Where The Trees MeeCrista Pisano, May MarshCrista Pisano, Nocturne 2:30amCrista Pisano - Hobart RoadCrista Pisano - Midcoast Maine
Crista Pisano - The TreeCrista Pisano - Into the WoodsCrista Pisano - June Adirondack Sunset, oil, 2 7/8Crista Pisano, Morning Marsh

Crista Pisano was born and raised in northern New Jersey. In 1989 she began studying portrait, still life and landscape painting at the Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ. In the fall of 1996, Pisano began the BFA program at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT. She graduated from Lyme Academy in the spring of 2000, receiving a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in Painting. In 2003 she received a Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Paining from the New York Academy Graduate School of Figurative Art in Downtown Manhatten. She is a member of numerous art organizations including Artists in the Parks, a program of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission that positions artists as essential partners in the conservation, education, and community initiatives of parks. She exhibits her works throughout New England and has received numerous awards and honors. In August of 2012, Pisano won “Best in Show” for her painting entitled “Tupper Lake” at the Adirondack Plein Air Festival in Saranac Lake, NY. Her paintings hang in public and private collections throughout the country.

It is vital for a landscape painter to study outdoors in order to fully understand how to interpret nature. I am very grateful that I was taught this at an early age. The ability to experience light, value, color and atmospheric changes within nature firsthand has been crucial in my development as a landscape painter. The unpredictability of light phenomenon during each outing is the most exciting part of each painting I produce. These phenomena and other changes in nature force me to make important decisions about the mood and composition of every one of my works. It is the consistent study of natural elements and every-changing atmospheric conditions that keep me returning to the outdoors and ultimately applying it to canvas.