Jen Harmon Allen

Jen Harmon Allen is a young talented artist who is originally from Madison, Connecticut. Her elegant bronze sculptures embrace the subject matter of the female form. Years spent dancing gave her an awareness of the subtleties of movement and gesture, and as Suzanne Dingley writes “…an understanding of how the body feels in certain positions, how movement affects muscles – enabling her to sculpt intuitively beautiful, sensual figures.”

Her training as a sculptor began with Carlos Dorrien while a student at Wellesley College. “He taught me that suggesting the body’s presence can be more moving than surface description. He had set up a full foundry and there I fell in love with bronze. Years later, I still do most of the work myself apart from the casting. Molding, chasing, grinding, engraving and patination all give me the chance to control the quality and enjoy the finishing process of each piece. I also studied in Florence. While there, I traveled to Paris and saw the ancient Greek sculpture the Nike of Samothrace. I believe this sculpture and many of the classical masterpieces I admire teach me this: that the human body – in all its variations of movement and stillness – reveals the soul. If I can get this into my work, and like good poetry do it simply, I am satisfied.”

Jen received a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 2001 from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. She was awarded the Oscarson Discovery Grant in 2000. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and young son.