Morgan Starr

Morgan Starr - Whitney #1

Morgan Starr was born and raised in New York City and has been living in Maine since 2001. He started painting in 2008 and began studying with Bath, Maine painter Tina Ingraham in 2010, eventually becoming her studio assistant in 2012. His current series of paintings, spanning the past two years, were executed out of doors in oil from direct observation, primarily with the goal of finding resolution in one sitting. Notable for their painterly approach and emphasis on surface quality, the series of paintings of houses and trees was started primarily as an exploration of process. As the project continued, what began as a means of learning to paint in oils has become an attempt at testing the boundaries of making contemporary work using traditional forms.

Morgan had the honor of being accepted into the 2015 National Juried Exhibition “Strange Paradise” at First Street Gallery in New York City running from June 25 – July 18.