Susannah Haney

Susannah Haney, Pots and TrapsSusannah Haney, Sun UpPemaquid Skyline by Susannah HaneySusannah Haney, EvensongSusannah Haney - A Matter of Perspective, MonheganSusannah Haney - Sailing By, Hendricks Head LightThe Corner of Swim and Main by Susannah HaneySusannah Haney, Pumpkin HouseSusannah Haney, Clearing - Pemaquid LightSusannah Haney - Cozy Harbor Fleet

I have been drawing and painting in one medium or another for most of my life. I grew up in Massachusetts in a family that prized the creative arts. My mother encouraged me to paint and it is from her inspiration that I had the courage to enter my work into juried exhibitions where I received awards for landscapes and still lifes.

In 2010 I moved to Wiscasset where I continue to paint, concentrating on quintessential New England architecture.

There is a fascination for me in the beauty and simplicity of early New England architecture, as well as in the relationship of each house to the land or water. I try to capture this harmony with a realistic technique that reflects the care that the architect and builder took in carefully siting the homes and other buildings to take maximum advantage of the land and the light.