Susannah Haney

Susannah Haney, Miss Millie at SchoolSusannah Haney, By the Blue BarrelSusannah Haney, The FishermenSusannah Haney, View from the Hill, MonheganSusannah Haney, Two Dories, Lawnmower, MonheganSusannah Haney, Nubble Light in WinterSusannah Haney, Last Glimpse of MonheganSusannah Haney, First Swim of the SummerSusannah Haney, End of the Road, Harpswell
Susannah Haney, Pots and TrapsSusannah Haney, Sun UpPemaquid Skyline by Susannah HaneySusannah Haney, EvensongSusannah Haney - A Matter of Perspective, MonheganSusannah Haney - Sailing By, Hendricks Head LightThe Corner of Swim and Main by Susannah HaneySusannah Haney, Pumpkin HouseSusannah Haney, Clearing - Pemaquid LightSusannah Haney - Cozy Harbor Fleet

I have been drawing and painting in one medium or another for most of my life. I grew up in Massachusetts in a family that prized the creative arts. My mother encouraged me to paint and it is from her inspiration that I had the courage to enter my work into juried exhibitions where I received awards for landscapes and still lifes.

In 2010 I moved to Wiscasset where I continue to paint, concentrating on quintessential New England architecture.

There is a fascination for me in the beauty and simplicity of early New England architecture, as well as in the relationship of each house to the land or water. I try to capture this harmony with a realistic technique that reflects the care that the architect and builder took in carefully siting the homes and other buildings to take maximum advantage of the land and the light.